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October 2010 Issue
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Welcome to the October issue of eEuronews!

In this issue I would like to introduce you to the new blog. The blog will discuss current events and talk about the ins and outs of system design from an "insider" perspective. This is not an ESL blog. It will cover all aspects of IC and system design, including System Realization, SoC Realization, and Silicon Realization. If you are involved in any aspect of electronic systems design, you will find postings of interest to you.

On October 18, we will open the doors for CDNLive! Israel 2010 in Tel Aviv. Join us for an exciting day with keynote presentations, paper and technical presentations.

Don't miss any Cadence seminar, webinar or event that takes place in the EMEA region. Stay updated on all details in our Events section. Our Technology on Tour featuring analog/mixed-signal design will take place in mid-November. We will announce more details in the next newsletter.

We always try to come to numerous locations across the region to make it easy for you to attend. If you or your colleagues can't attend an event of your interest, let us know and we'll seek for ways to get you updated.

Best regards,
Wolfgang Stronski

Marketing Director EMEA
Cadence Design Systems

P.S. If you plan to attend the ARM European Technical Conference in Paris on October 21, listen to our technical track or visit our booth.

 Cadence in the news
Cadence Offers Optimized Implementation Methodology for Silicon Realization of New ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore Processor »

Sunplus Reduces Design Cycle on High-Speed Multi-Million-Gate SoC Using Cadence Encounter Digital Implementation System »

SMIC Adopts Cadence Silicon Realization End-to-End Product Line for 65-40nm Design »

 System Design and Verification
System Design and Verification Seminars

Please join us for a day of in-depth presentations and demonstrations of the latest methodologies and technologies for System Design and Verification.
This free seminar is intended for engineers and technical management. Cadence will deliver demonstrations and presentations of its system design and verification solution by its top experts.

26 Oct 2010 - Cadence Design Systems, Bracknell, UK
28 Oct 2010 - Cadence Design Systems, Paris, France
09 Nov 2010 - High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Available on TLM-Driven Design and Verification Methodology Book
Check out the first unified methodology focused on high-level synthesis and functional verification that offers strategies for easing the adoption of system-level design.

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 Logic Design
Andes Technology Adopts Cadence Digital Front-End Low-Power Flow

Andes Technology, a Taiwanese provider of high-performance, low-power 32-bit processor IP and SoC platforms, has adopted the Cadence® digital front-end low-power design flow. The flow, based on the Common Power Format (CPF), deploys Cadence synthesis, simulation and formal verification technology. It enables Andes to provide its customers a scalable and configurable low-power management framework that blends hardware and software solutions for sophisticated power domain partitions and power scaling schemes.

Read More »

Cadence and Hitachi Achieve Unparalleled Compression Efficiency to Speed Silicon Realization

The fundamental challenge in silicon realization is getting from concept to silicon quickly and cost-effectively-without sacrificing quality. To keep mutual customers ahead of the silicon and SoC manufacturing curve with higher product quality and lower development costs, Hitachi and Cadence have collaborated to deliver a top-notch test methodology that achieves 1,100x the compression efficiency of other methods. This has exceeded goals nearly 4 years ahead of industry expectations. Mutual customers now have a concurrent design-for-manufacturing optimization flow that yields first-pass silicon success.

Read More »

Reduce embedded SoC design cost & optimize IP integration
By Neil Hand, Group Director, Product Marketing at Cadence, Aug 9th, 2010

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 Functional verification
Incisive Enterprise Verifier - New datasheet available

Dual power from integrated formal analysis and simulation engines

Cadence® Incisive® Enterprise Verifier allows design teams and verification engineers to bring-up designs faster, begin bug hunting earlier in the process, gather more metrics toward verification closure by leveraging SVA and PSL covers, and reach bugs deep in the design that can be missed by a standalone simulation or formal analysis approach

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 Custom IC
Now Playing: Custom IC Videos-to-Go

We have made some of the videos in the CIC Video Library at available for download. This way all the users can access the videos at their convenience without having to be logged into Cadence Online Support.

Here's a list of what's available.

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 PCB Design
What's Good About Differential Impedance in Allegro Constraint Manager?

The ability to constrain or report differential impedance within Constraint Manager has been a long-standing request. Allegro PCB Editor 16.3 allows customization of a user-defined differential impedance constraint.

Here you will find the whole series about the "What is good about..." inquiries by Gerald "Jerry" Grzenia

Allegro FPGA System Planner Technical Seminar - Oct 20 in Bracknell, UK

Free half day seminar with presentations from both Altera and Cadence that include in-depth scenarios of the FPGA-PCB co-design process challenges.

Event details »

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 Digital Implementation
Archived webinar - Maximizing the Performance-Per-Watt of Your Next Design

Attend this webinar to explore the different options available to you to reduce power from both a leakage and dynamic aspect. Techniques such as multiple threshold voltage optimization and clock gating strategies will be discussed, as well as more advanced power management options such as power shutoff, multiple supply voltages, and dynamic voltage/frequency scaling. Finally, we will also explore the use of cutting-edge techniques like dual/quad flops to help you streamline your chip's performance like never before!

You will find more archived webinars about digital implementation topics that have been held recently here.

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 Manufacturability Signoff
Manufacturing aware design flow based on early prevention, detection and fixing

At CDNLive! EMEA 2010 in Munich, NXP presented a Manufacturing Aware Design Flow based on early prevention, detection, and fixing, covering Via Doubling, Litho-, CMP-, and Variability Analysis.

Read more »

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 Education Services
CDNLive! Israel - join us at the Education Services booth

IC 6.1. Adoption Series for Virtuoso Custom Design

For customers already familiar with IC5.1 Virtuoso Custom Design Software tools who are interested in upgrading to IC6.1 capabilities. Latest releases:

Virtuoso Analog Design Environment vIC.6.1.4

Virtuoso Layout Design Basics vIC6.1.4

Contact us to receive your personal training plan!

Our Specialty classes - mark your calendar

Analog Modeling and Simulation with SPICE

Virtuoso Layout Design Basics vIC6.1.4
9th-12th November - last seats available to learn directly from Dr. Andrei Vladimirescu, author of the SPICE book! Registration open until 19th October.

Using Virtuoso Spectre Simulator Effectively
10th-12th November / Munich

Latest training releases:

SystemVerilog Advanced Verification Using UVM
  All attendees receive a complimentary UVM book!
C++ Introduction for SystemC Users - Virtual Classroom

All training courses and dates can be found at or

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CDNLive! Israel 2010
CDNLive! Israel 2010 is a unique opportunity to share your design challenges and successes with industry experts and other Cadence technology users. Find out the latest insights on complex design issues, solutions to address the anticipated design challenges of tomorrow, as well as practical techniques and tips from other power users and Cadence technologists to enhance your design skills.


Join us at one of our annual "ClubT" seminars, where we will give you an update on verification solutions with Specman/e, Incisive Enterprise Simulator-XL, OVM/UVM e and multi-language UVM, SystemC, ESL/TLM, VIP, CAST, Specman-AMS and our progress on the "Trailblazer" technology roadmap.
06 Oct 2010 - Cadence Office, Feldkirchen, Germany
08 Oct 2010 - Cadence Office, Sophia-Antipolis, France
12 Oct 2010 - Novotel Grenoble Centre, Grenoble, France
14 Oct 2010 - Aztec West Bristol, United Kingdom

Allegro FPGA System Planner Technical Seminar - Oct 20, Bracknell, UK

Free half day seminar with presentations from both Altera and Cadence that include in-depth scenarios of the FPGA-PCB co-design process challenges.

TLM Design and Verification Tech Talk - Oct 27, Feldkirchen, Germany

Leveraging the experience of Cadence R&D and architects, discover the benefits of the TLM-based design and verification methodology, hear about real customer case studies, and learn how you can incrementally adopt this approach into your existing methodology.

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